Naolis Releases Akeneo EasyCatalog Connector

Naolis are pleased to announce the release of “Easycatalog Connector by Naolis“, their first integrated bundle for Akeneo.

Naolis, based in France, are an Akeneo technology partner for web-to-print solutions and assist users and eCommerce integrators in the implementation of Multi Channel Publishing solutions.

This bundle adds two new types of output connectors to Akeneo: one that outputs to a file, the other that provides a direct connection to the database. These connectors enable the export of all the products from an Akeneo channel, and structure the data in a format ready for importing into EasyCatalog. They have also been developed to simplify complex tree-structure management (including cases of products set out several times in a same category).

Easycatalog Connector by Naolis” for Akeneo is a free Bundle, available for download.  Technical support is available via email at:

Further information can be found here:

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