ODBC Data Provider

ODBC Data Provider

Connect EasyCatalog directly to your database with our generic ODBC Data Provider. Get up-to-the minute information as often as you need using the power of SQL.

Take your data with you

The ODBC Data Provider works by taking a snapshot of data that can be updated at any time. This overcomes the need to have a constant connection to your database and means you to carry on working during periods where the database is unavailable and even work at home or on the move!

Bi-directional Link

The ODBC Data Provider is also bi-directional, so any changes to linked content in InDesign can be updated straight back into the database. The Data Provider knows when a field has changed and efficiently applies any updates back into the database.

Spotted an error in your data? Update it in the document and send the change back to the database to prevent the error being repeated in future.

Multiple views of your Database

Any number of data sources can be configured at one time, each with its own SQL statement, allowing a virtually unlimited view of your database. As with all EasyCatalog panels, you can create new views at any time – each with their own sorting, grouping and filtering configurations.

Supported Databases

Support for your particular database is dependent on the availability of ODBC client drivers – Windows users usually get these at no extra cost from their database vendor.

MacintoshThis module has been written to be compatible with drivers supplied by OpenLink Software and Actual Technologies. Please note that these drivers are available at additional cost from OpenLink. Evaluation drivers can be downloaded from their website and are available for many popular database platforms, including SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL. ODBC Drivers for FileMaker should be included on your installation CD. ODBC Drivers for MySQL are available free of charge from the MySQL site for Macintosh OSX.
WindowsMost database vendors now ship ODBC client drivers for Windows with their databases, and are usually available free of charge. ODBC drivers are available for all of the major databases, including MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft Access.


All that’s needed to make the Data Provider work is a simple select statement or call to a stored procedure. The example below illustrates how easy it is to configure:

ODBC Configuration

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The cost to purchase a license for the ODBC Data Provider Module is listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: This version requires Adobe InDesign CC 2024. For previous versions of InDesign, please visit our webstore.


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