Link text and images to your data

Text and images in your documents become live links to your source data. Images can be imported, scaled and aligned in one easy step; text can be inserted and styled automatically using Character Style sheets.

Keep documents up-to-date

If your source data changes, documents can be instantly updated at the click of a button. Only fields that have changed will be updated, helping to preserve any formatting that may have been applied to the document.

Connect to ODBC databases

Using the optional ODBC Data Provider module, EasyCatalog Lite can import your data from any ODBC-compatible database such as MySQL, FileMaker, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server. A direct connection to your database ensures that you will always have the latest data.

Filter and search your data

Filter by key

EasyCatalog Lite offers a range of filtering and searching features to make finding the records you require easy. Searching by a record’s unique identifier is as simple of entering it in the search box at the top of the panel.

Automatically insert multiple records

Define a simple prototype showing how you want each record to appear and EasyCatalog will do the rest. Using EasyCatalog Lite’s filtering features, you can also control which records are inserted.

Tables can also be filled with data using the same technique – define a prototype table row and EasyCatalog Lite will populate the table with the data you’ve selected.

Feature comparison chart

FeatureEasyCatalog LiteEasyCatalog
Linking text and images from a CSV/delimited file to InDesign documents
Bi-directional link to data (the ability to make changes to the data in the InDesign document and update the original data source)
Updating of document when data changes
Connection to ODBC data sources*
Connection to XML data sources*
Connection to Enterprise data sources*
Unicode support
Work with multiple data sources
Work with multiple data sources simultaneously
View data in multiple panels
Visual indicator of data that is placed in the document
Visual indicator of data that is in error on the document
Spreadsheet-style view of data
Sorting of data
Grouping of data
Advanced automatic pagination via optional Pagination Module
Design templates for population with live data
Drag ‘n’ drop of EasyCatalog ‘Product Styles’
‘One Click’ table insertion
Import of formatted, tagged content
Scriptable using Javascript, Visual Basic or AppleScript
E-mail support
Penalty-free upgrade to EasyCatalogN/A

* Requires additional module, sold separately

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