Relational Module

Relational Module

Combine data from multiple data sources or tables in a single hierarchical panel within InDesign

Work with Multiple Data Sources

If your publication consists of data retrieved from a variety of separate sources, the Relational Module can combine these into a single EasyCatalog panel.

Using the Relational Module, EasyCatalog panels can now combine data from multiple sources. This screenshot shows an example of having multiple sets of data for a single category (‘Video Conferencing Cameras’).

Relational panel

Work with Relational Databases

Where your data cannot be represented in a single result set, the Relational Module can be used to query multiple tables and combine the results in an EasyCatalog data panel.

For example, if your database contains a list of products that have two sets of attributes – both retrieved from different database tables – the Relational Module can query for these separately and display the results in the data panel.

Query your data from within InDesign

Once your data has been imported, using EasyCatalog’s built-in database engine you can query and manipulate the data. Using this database engine, you can, for example, create summary data at the end of each section (such as the total cost of a list of records).

Import SQLite Databases

The Relational Data Provider also allows data to be retrieved directly from an SQLite database file.


When used in conjunction with the Pagination Module, the Relational Module enables you to manipulate and restructure your data to paginate documents with virtually unlimited complexity.

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The cost to purchase a license for the Relational Module is listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: This version requires Adobe InDesign 2024. For previous versions of InDesign, please visit our webstore.


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