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EasyCatalog Lite for Adobe® InDesign®

Designed for users with a simple link-and-update requirement.

EasyCatalog Lite combines powerful data linking with our trademark ease of use. EasyCatalog Lite is an entry-level version of our flagship product EasyCatalog, offering the same linking technology that is now being used in over thirty countries worldwide.

Why choose EasyCatalog Lite?

Always up to dateCreated with Sketch.

Always up to date

Documents can be updated to show the latest data at any point during the production process.

Increased productivityCreated with Sketch.

Increased productivity

Ideal for the production of price lists, brochures and catalogs, EasyCatalog Lite can save hours on your production time.

Error reductionCreated with Sketch.

Error reduction

Because parts of your document are linked directly to your data, re-keying errors are eliminated resulting in increased accuracy.

Easy to useCreated with Sketch.

Easy to use

The power of EasyCatalog Lite can be exploited without any scripting or programming knowledge.

Works with existing dataCreated with Sketch.

Works with existing data

The source of your data can be a simple delimited text file or your corporate content management system.

Grows with your businessCreated with Sketch.

Grows with your business

If you outgrow the functionality of EasyCatalog Lite, we offer a seamless, penalty-free, upgrade to the full version of EasyCatalog.

Who uses our software?

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