EasyCatalog and EasyCatalog Lite Licensing FAQs

EasyCatalog Licensing FAQs

How is EasyCatalog licensed?

EasyCatalog, and the optional modules, are licensed per user.

Where can I find the End User License Agreement (EULA)?

The license agreement is displayed, and must be accepted, during the installation of the software.  A copy of the agreement can be found here.

What happens when Adobe release a new version of InDesign?

When purchasing a license, you’re purchasing for a specific version of InDesign — e.g. InDesign 2023, InDesign 2024.

With all new licenses you receive twelve months complimentary maintenance; if purchasing an upgrade you receive six months complimentary maintenance. So, if Adobe release another version during this maintenance period the upgrade will be free of charge.

After free maintenance period expires you can either continue on maintenance (which costs 15% of a new license cost per year) or purchase upgrades when necessary. If you continue to use the version of InDesign that you’re licensed for then no further payment is necessary.

Maintenance can be added to your online order during the checkout process, and it will not be charged for the first twelve months. About a week before the maintenance is due to renew you will be sent a reminder email, at which point you will have the option to cancel.

How do I purchase a license?

Licenses can be purchased via our web store, or we can issue a pro-forma invoice and accept payment by Bank Transfer. Note that licenses are issued on receipt of payment, which can take a few days. Card orders placed on our web store are fulfilled instantly, and you will be emailed your serial number to unlock the trial version.

Where do I download after purchasing?

We have a fully-functional trial version of EasyCatalog and the optional modules available for download from our web site. You can unlock the trial version using the serial numbers you were sent after purchasing. Further information on how to activate the trial version can be found here.

How do I know which modules to purchase?

You would always need a license of EasyCatalog or EasyCatalog Lite, but all of the other modules are optional.

If you’ve used the “Paginate…” or are using the “Pagination Rules” panel then you would need the Pagination Module; if you’re controlling EasyCatalog though ExtendScript, VBScript or AppleScript you would also need the Scripting Module.

The other modules all relate to where you’re importing your data from:

  • File (CSV, tab-delimited, etc), Excel and Google Sheets do not require an additional module.
  • XML files are imported using the XML Data Provider
  • Connections to ODBC-compliant databases use the ODBC Data Provider
  • Salsify, SalesLayer, Elvis and other PIM/Asset Management connectivity is provided by the Enterprise Data Provider.

If you’re combining data sources and have used the “New Relational Data Source” menu option, you would need the Relational Module. If you’ve used the “New Combined Data Source” menu, however, no additional module is required.

How is EasyCatalog activated?

EasyCatalog uses an online activation process, which ensures that your licenses are only active on the number of machines you have licensed. If your organization has a proxy server or firewall, we offer offline activation via email or through a web browser on another machine as alternatives. Further information can be found here.

How many machines may EasyCatalog be installed on?

We allow a single EasyCatalog license to be activated on a primary (e.g. desktop) machine and a backup (e.g. laptop or home-office machine) on the understanding that they are not both used at the same time. After purchase, please contact us using the support form so that we can enable this on your license codes.

Can licenses be transferred between machines?

Yes, EasyCatalog can be transferred between machines using the online de-activation and activation process. Again, an offline option is available for organizations with strict firewall or proxy servers. Further information can be found here.

I forgot to de-activate my license and no longer have access to the machine. How can I activate?

Please send your serial numbers using the support form and we will de-activate your serial numbers on the activation server for you.

Can I add additional users to my existing serial numbers?

Yes — first purchase the additional licenses using our web store and then use the support form to ask us to merge the serial numbers with your existing codes. Your new codes will be disabled and your existing codes updated to allow additional users.

How do I upgrade my license?

For licenses covered by Maintenance:

If your license is covered by Maintenance — either the complimentary period after purchase, or because you have a Maintenance subscription — the activation server should automatically allow your serial number to be activated in newer versions of EasyCatalog when they are released. If you have any issues though please contact us using the support form.

Paid-for upgrades:

Upgrades for licenses not covered by a Maintenance subscription can be purchased using our web store. If your existing license is valid for version 9 (CC) or above you need the CC Upgrades section on our web store.  If you have a version 6 (CS6) license you need the ‘CS Single-Version Upgrades‘ section; earlier versions need the ‘CS Multi-Version Upgrades‘ section.

Note that your serial numbers normally show an InDesign version number, and this normally reflects the first version the serial number is valid for. Our activation server controls which versions you can activate though, so it doesn’t matter if your number has a ‘2022’ prefix and you’re attempting to activate in ‘2023’.

How do I cancel my Maintenance subscription?

Your order confirmation email from our e-commerce partner FastSpring should contain a link to your Account Management page where you can cancel your subscription. If you have any problems please use our support form.

How do I update my billing information?

Your order confirmation email from our e-commerce partner FastSpring should contain a link to your Account Management page where you can update your card details. If you have any problems please use our support form.