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One-click field insertion

Individual fields can be inserted in the document with a single click – ideal for brochures or publications that feature non-tabular designs.

Intelligent content tracking


When you place a field in the document, its position and content is tracked. This is crucial for ensuring that data contained in the document matches the content from the source data as any discrepancies can be highlighted and automatically corrected.

Data fields can be easily identified in the document by either green or red ‘field markers’ – these are non-printing characters that can be hidden if required. Field markers will appear in red if the content in the document did not match the database the last time the document was checked for errors.

Assign each field a style-sheet

To help to ensure a consistent presentation style, each field can be assigned a character style sheet. When each field is inserted into the document, its character style sheet will be applied.


Images example

EasyCatalog will also import and automatically scale or position images. Importing an image is as simple as selecting the picture box, selecting the field containing the image reference in the panel and hitting the insert button.

The image will be imported, scaled and positioned automatically – no more navigation of file systems trying to locate images, and you can be sure that the correct image has been used.

Import Images from a URL

If your images are stored on a web server, EasyCatalog can automatically download them locally prior to importing them.

Missing Images

Each field can have a substitute image specified – an image that will be placed if the correct image is missing.

Image Tracking

Images are tracked in the same way as text fields – therefore, when a document is checked for errors, each image is also checked to ensure that the correct image has been imported.

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