The challenge

Trilanco are an Equestrian, Agricultural and Pet wholesaler based in the UK. Established in 1979, Trilanco now employs around 70 members of staff across office, warehouse and sales teams.

Consisting of over 10,000 products, the Trilanco catalogue is published annually in both a priced and un-priced variant. In previous years, the company’s catalogues were produced by a local media company using QuarkXPress, but due to the increasing artwork demands Trilanco created an in-house Graphic Design department and started the search for database publishing solutions.


  • Trilanco


  • Equestrian, Agricultural and Pet Wholesale Catalogue


  • 760 Pages


Our catalogue was previously produced using a combination of plug-ins and manual data entry. The main problem with this approach, other than time, was the possibility for human error.
Adam Beardow, Head Graphic Designer, Trilanco

Finding a Solution

“We extensively researched several database publishing solutions, though none were trialled, as none were as comprehensive as EasyCatalog”.

“EasyCatalog’s extensive list of features stood out for us, as well as its compact, simple UI. Other software that we researched were a standalone programs, whereas EasyCatalog’s plug-in nature allowed for a better workflow. Overall, the frequency of compatibility updates, a comprehensive website, and the flexibility to publish anything from catalogues to business cards made EasyCatalog a clear choice.”

Benefits of EasyCatalog

“The biggest time-saver that we have used so far has been the ability to mass replace fields in a paginated document. We produce two editions of our catalogue annually; a priced edition and an unpriced counter copy. By paginating the priced edition, duplicating the files, and replacing any instances of the ‘price’ fields in the document with blank data, we were able to avoid manually deleting over 10,000 prices “

“Another time-saver came when we created our index. EasyCatalog can look for fields within a document, and write the page numbers to the data panel, which we were then able to paginate how we wished. This saved hours of manually searching through products.”

Working with 65bit

“The feature that really sets EasyCatalog above the rest however, is their customer support. The team was fantastic in helping with everything, from questions about the software, to queries on how to achieve certain results. On numerous occasions they created and talked me through bespoke code to make data behave how I needed it to, and were always quick to respond and assist. I can’t thank them enough for their help.”

Sample Page
Sample Page
Sample Page
Sample Page
It previously took us roughly 4 months to produce our catalogue. Much of this time was taken up with proof-reading, manual data entry and information editing.

We estimate that, with the use of EasyCatalog, the next edition of our catalogue will take a maximum of 4 weeks to produce to a print-ready standard.

If you have any database publishing needs, from product catalogues to price lists, you should definitely consider EasyCatalog as a solution. We did, and we’ll never look back.
Adam Beardow, Head Graphic Designer, Trilanco
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