Placing fields inside tabular fields

Tabular field cells normally contain text, which has limited formatting.  To overcome this fields can be assigned to individual cells:

For group tabular fields, the tableof method returns a table with fields automatically assigned. Take this data for example:

In this example, we’ll create a custom field to collect all the Images for each Group into a table. This is achieved by defining the Group Path of the tabular field to be Group, then using the following command:

The getgroup() method returns a set of all records in the group and tableof() returns a table containing image fields. The Image Group then has Formatting Rule assigned as follows to repeat for each row in the table:

When the field is inserted, it attempts to insert the Formatting Rule called image for each row in the table. The Formatting Rule is a just picture box tagged with the name of the field. When the field is inserted, this result in:

By assigning a row option to the table to populate once per Group, the following result can be achieved: