Managing Enterprise Data Provider

EasyCatalog allows access to third party systems, such as PIM or DAM systems, via Custom Data Providers.  The Enterprise Data Provider allows these scripts to installed, updated or removed using the “File->EasyCatalog->Manage Enterprise Data Providers…” menu option.

Publicly available scripts are hosted by us in a central location. To download and install a provider, click the Install button. This copies it locally o the correct location in the EasyCatalog Workspace folder.  Reveal will show the location of an installed provider file.

If the provider is not public, or is modified in some way, the dialog box allows provider files to be manually export and imported.

Server based scripts can be encrypted or in an editable form. If you are a vendor or reseller and have any scripts you would like us to make available publicly, just send them to us and we’ll add them our database.